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Bodley &
Associates LLC


What We Do

Bodley & Associates provides strategic planning, management development, and business consulting services to companies engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and installation of technology products and services for homes, businesses and public facilities.


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Your Story. The Way You Want It Told.

StorySlab is a mobile sales tool designed to address information access challenges across your entire organization. From office to rep to dealer, StorySlab is a digital solution designed for ease of use for all your digital content in the field.


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Eric Bodley joined PPC to develop and launch Perfect Path with the first Locking Connector for HDMI Cables. With more than six times the grip of conventional HDMI connectors, both performance and reliability of HDMI connections are…well, perfect.

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Future Ready Solutions has assembled the best brands in HDMI and compression connector connectivity for Systems Integrators and Installers that service the residential & commerical integration markets.


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Background & Qualifications

Hi. I'm Eric Bodley, Principal Consultant at Bodley & Associates. For the past forty years I've dedicated my career to working in nearly every aspect of the Consumer Electronics Industry. From developing the custom installation division for specialty electronics retailer Sound Advice; to certifying hundreds of sales associates with my IHAVS™ (In-Home Audio Video Specialist) program; to launching a myriad of products and programs for Monster Cable Products; to starting Florida Home Entertainment Design (a CEPro Top 100 Integrator); and launching the revolutionary Perfect Path™ brand of Locking HDMI Cables for PPC®, I have a wide range of experience in sales, marketing, management, product development, and brand management at the senior executive level, and in the field.


So whether you're looking to become a dealer for the connectivity solutions we sell at Future Ready Solutions, need help solving the challenges of telling your story the way you want it told, are launching a new product line, or need consulting advice from an experienced industry veteran, let's talk!




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